Growing b2b companies and working in a top growth marketing agency.


Consistent growth of revenue and profitability metrics by employing effective growth strategies


Always on top of the state-of-the-art marketing technology and tools


Strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation to enable continuous improvement

Efficient marketing doesn't mean more spending./

You can boost marketing service as a means to increase the return on your marketing investment and ensure that you’re putting your marketing dollars to good use.

As someone who has worked in start-ups and mentored start-up CEOs for over 10 years, I think that companies waste their marketing spend.

Patrick ‘Mad’ Mork, Executive Coach & Chief Storyteller

The purpose of this website is to share insightful learnings on growth marketing strategies and tactics that will enable you to start spending your marketing dollars by embracing a growth mindset.


We cover these four pillars which will power the increase of your Marketing spend ROI:

Get to know your target market better

The better you get to know your customers, the more efficient you can be in marketing to them

Use direct response marketing

A great tool for small and large businesses alike to engage with their target customers and drive action ‘now’

Add new media to your marketing mix

You want to be in front of your target market in as many different places as you can

Test, test and test marketing campaigns

The only way to know if your marketing attempts are working is to test each one

Jose is a one-man growth team. Rare to find. From a strategic direction to problem solving on the spot, there’s no challenge that’s not a pleasure to work with him on your side. Keep on pumping growth into every project you touch, sir!

Renato Škrgulja , Vaya Growth.


I’ve been working in digital and growth marketing since 2014.
I started to get strategic and execution marketing skills by growing my own Food&Wine business.
Later I had the opportunity to join one of the leading growth marketing agencies in the world. There, the accounts I took care of varied between World-Class Brands with $200k+ of monthly Ad spend, Scale-Ups, and Start-Ups.
In 2017 I founded a Sports Startup that was selected among hundreds of other startups for the KICKUP Sports Accelerator. It was a 12 week full-service program in a leading European sports venue: the SL Benfica Stadium. This program gave the opportunity to 10 startups to build, execute and validate their business model.
Currently, I’m the head of marketing and growth in Hirebook. We are a SaaS startup providing an innovative solution enabling people and organizations to thrive.
I spend my spare time as much as I can outdoors. I love to ride my bicycle or give usage to my sailing license. Travel is another love and many times I choose the route based on which cities Pearl Jam is touring – a big musical passion of mine.